Earn Free DLC For Xbox 360 or PS3

What is Earn-Free-DLC?

Earn-Free-DLC is your number One place for Free PSN and MS points cards delivered to your door or emailed 100% FREE Without the need for a Credit Card!
With new DLC coming out for the blockbuster games like Little Big Planet 2, Halo Reach, Black Ops, and etc. I found myself having a difficult time, trying to earn enough money to fulfill my DLC needs. I'm already working, 17 and spending most of my time flipping burgers, minimum wage is not enough to earn Microsoft points or PSN cards. I practically wasted around $180.00 out of my own pocket last year to get some of the new dlc for my Xbox and PS3 games.

One day however, I stumbled upon an article advertising Free PSN Cards whilst I was surfing the internet. Curious, I read the article and browsed the site. Upon first glance, I was overtaken by the sheer size and scope of the community and the earning potential and immediately signed up!
That was almost 4 months ago now and I've not looked back! For just an hour of your time per day, YOU can be earning as I have done!  

Here are my current stats (as of the 13th Mar):
member for 4 months, 30 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 33 seconds
$34.45 total earnings
2 prizes redeemed  
Not only can you get MS Points and PSN Cards, but you can also get Free Xbox Live, Gaming Accessories, Video Games, In fact, ANYTHING from amazon is at your fingertips, 100% FREE!

How Does It Work?

The concept is really easy- You sign up (it's free!) and complete your information, this includes your shipping address (So all your free goodies can be delivered!) and your date of birth. You must be 13 years of age or above in order to register however, and if you're under 18 then you will need your parents/guardian's permission.

Once you are registered, the fun can begin! You can complete offers for "points". Points are online credits which are used to purchase your goods with, and 1 points = 1 cent. This may not sound like a lot, but most offers are typically worth between 30-100 points and you can complete as many as you like! If you are from the UK or the US, you even get a 250 point ($2.50) bonus, JUST for signing up!

The offers are where you will get most of your points, and include competition entries, quick consumer surveys or   toolbar and game downloads. You can also get points by playing games or participating in the site's very own Lottery!

Is It Really Free?

Yes! Everything is 100% FREE! When you complete an offer, the company who advertises the offer pays the site for referring you to their advert, and then YOU get paid in return! You get free goods, the advertisers get page views - Everyone is happy :)

There ARE a few paid/trial offers, however you are under absolutely NO obligation to complete them. They are usually offers such as mobile phone ringtone downloads (Jamster etc) or credit report trials. They can be useful if you are looking to purchase these products, but if not, just ignore them! (there's even a very useful "ignore" button so that you can hide the offers you don't want to complete!